Fahrenheit 911

In FAHRENHEIT 9/11, Director Michael Moore examines the Bush administration’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia and the bin Laden family. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a well-researched, highly controversial, and important documentary. Moore takes a detailed look into political events both before and after the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Moore reveals how the U.S. government helped the bin Laden family return to Saudi Arabia immediately after September 11, when all other flights were still grounded and examines military recruiting techniques in such poor areas as his own hometown of Flint, Michigan.

Also examines military recruiting techniques in such poor areas as his own hometown of Flint, Michigan.

He even attempts to get congressmen to enlist their own sons and daughters into the military.

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 is certainly a worthy successor to Moore’s previous documentaries: THE BIG ONE, ROGER & ME, and BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE. Fahrenheit 9/11 – once again shining a light on the past, present, and future of the United States.

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  1. kevin Says:

    I just loved this movie!

  2. Victor N. Darrell Says:

    My name is Victor.
    I write poems, songs and short stories about life.
    I wrote a a poems for my book Hands of Freedom called Invisible Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    In support of Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11;
    I would like to share this poem with you.
    Maybe even the world with your help.
    Poetry or a story can speak louder than any speech.
    Contact me if you like it.

    **** Invisible Weapons of Mass Destruction *******

    …Let there be no further attacks like Iraq , There Can Be No More
    With the world now against America look what danger Bush has brought
    to our door…

    …Dedicated to my cousin in Iraq
    And my nephew in Afghanistan
    May you all come home safe again!…

    may god watch over you and our nation.
    Here is a link to my poem Invisible Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Here is a link to my story on my webpage for Hands of Freedom.

    Victor Darrell

  3. ARIANNA Says:

    the movie is simply great. we need more stuff like this.
    michael, you’re doing an amazing job. keep going

  4. María José Says:

    How come that a guy like this could be elected to be the president of a country where millions of intelligent people live? How could he be even selected to run for that position in the first place? There must be something wrong with the US…

  5. Sebastian Says:

    I love this movie and i hope it´s commin much more film like this!!

  6. Jesse S. Says:

    I loved the movie Ferenheit 9/11. Truley Moores best work. I knew Bush was total fing ass but i never knew anythign about that stuff until i watched that movie. A well reashered and inspiring movie, now i can hate Bush for a better reason the that he’s a moron

  7. Jesse S. Says:

    damn, i can’t spell very well(sprained hand) what i was trying to say was that it was a Moores best work, a well researched a inspiring movie. There, and hey, no typos :)

  8. Betty P. Says:

    Hey, Michael…we a sequel to 9/11…it could be called:



  9. A-M Says:

    Impeach george bush. He is ruining the U.S. The country is now 4 trillion in debt because of his useless and tragic war in Iraq (can you say Vietnam!!!) george bush should be tried as a war criminal. He is unworthy of the title of president.

  10. Billy Clinton Says:

    admin edit: sorry, comment removed… this was merely a comment…more an essay :) you could post a link where this article can be found. thanx

  11. Kayla M. Says:

    I loved this movie. Ive seen some of Michaels other documentarys, but this one I would say is the best.

  12. Mimi P. Says:

    Bravo Michael,
    You made in movie that the world could see the lots of truth for 11 September and around. I am from Europe and I could say that most of the people here is thinking like you. We europeans are surprised how it is possible lots of americans have eyes closed for the truth.
    Once again Bravo Michael for Farenheit 9/11!

  13. Alen Says:

    Hi Guys!
    Well I`ve watched this great movie for the third time this evening on our national TV station RTS1. I`m from Serbia.
    You know, I was brought up in front of TV watching american movies and stuff… I learned english that way… Now I have no clue what happened with USA… they HIJACKED you and your country… and what a pitty!!!

  14. Ale Miranda Says:

    There should be more people telling the truth and searching for it as you do. As somebody said because of Katrina: “Shame on America” first because they let Bush to “win” the elections (all of us know it was cheeting) and then because they let him to reelect, didn´t you have enough death in your own country? and now with Katrina, come on!! He didn´t do anything to help your own people!! are you blind? Bush must be in jail; I have no doubt that he´s a murderer. Here, in Mexico, we now that lot´s of american don´t like us but is worth to be murdered by your own president. Nevertheless we pray for your families and your nation.

  15. Turki Says:

    My name is Turki. I’m from Saudi Arabia and I’m –proudly- Muslim. I want to thank Michel very much for his great movie. We saw the Arabic version of the movie here in Arabs countries.

    The stories you’re shown in the movies are very well known to us here (as Arabs). And even our holy book (Quraan) tells many similar stories and shows how much many could bet the values.

    The thing that KILLS ME A LOT: American people DO NOT know anything !!! The are watching the fake parts only.

    And now, we may see a new 9/11 held by (other administration) and –as usual- stick it to Muslims :(

  16. jeanne barber Says:

    Michael has tapped the pulse of america. We Canadians love him for his ability to cut through the crap and not make us the 51st state as Bush wants to do. My son in highschool is studying Michael Moore in Politics and he should know he is important in world history. Go MICHAEL, GIVE THEM HELL

  17. jeanne barber Says:

    The American people are led by blind obedience and do whatever the current president says. How many times have you heard the president say “A little boy came up to me and asked……….” What a fabricated story and if the people don’t see the smokescreen. the rest of the world does.

    I live in Toronto Canada 6 million people, and the murder rate is about 60 per year and most of the murders are crime from the old country that they have brought with them as an agenda. a lot of black on black crime and religious crime from other countries. Never one Canadian killing another, we are not built that way. We are a peaceful nation.

    Like USA today said/ ” Toronto is like New York if the Swiss owned it. = Peaceful.

  18. jeanne barber Says:

    ps. We do not have to lock our doors at night. The movie is true. We are not afraid of invaders as most Canadians feel safe in their homes. As my son says, ” We are not locking the bad guys out, We are locking ourselves in. So true.

  19. Ahmad Says:

    Thank you Mr. Michael for your awesome work. The movie touched me deeply and I enjoyed every second of it. It’s so true and shocking.Your film relates to me so much since I live in the Middle East.
    My country, Syria, is being threatened now daily by the Bush administration, how can we explain to Mr.Bush that we are not looking forward for “re-building” democracy in our country the Iraqi way? How can we explain to him that we DO NOT HATE AMERICA or Americans and we do not pose a threat to anyone? We are now accused of helping the Iraqi insurgents, and “motivating” them to carry out their resistance (as if they do not have enough reasons to do so) thanks Rumsfeld, and George Bush!
    I wonder which country will be “guilty” next if the US decided to “liberate” my country? I’m so sorry for all the innocent souls , no matter Americans or Iraqis, they are all innocent.
    I enjoyed in your movie, most, the part about the American-Saudi relationship. It’s sad and incomprehensible for me that some are still supporting the war, not knowing that American and Iraqi blood is being exchanged for OIL!
    I do hope that you visit my country one day; people,here, like you a lot and you have hundreds of fans.We trust you Mr.Michael and trust you will always speak out the truth.
    God bless you

  20. franco(hate bush)eta Says:

    Man……..I dont knw what to say…….what would you think if I told you that bush only won on places that there weren’t to good people to vote?tha Keryy won on places that had a great level of education?that the american government doesn’t wants to sign the ·$&% KYOTO convention that is for preserving our planet?huh?tell me a good reason you republican people. I’m from Mexico and i think that of all the bad things we have at least we don’t le t that only one person puts all of us in three wars: IRAQ,AFGANISTAN and the last one ……………another $·&% war for oil.

  21. yea Says:

    big up to Michael Moore

  22. steve Says:

    Michael moore can rot down below. What a retard you are Moore. President bush is at the same greatness of Ronald Regean. You suck. I hate you. my name is steve. i would like you to email me at steve1204@gmail.com Of all people you are the stupidest ive ever heard of. Your movie sucks. you lie. your all lies. loser

  23. steve Says:

    how could you people be so hatred to mr bush? god help you all. Michael Moore is a fucking dickhead

  24. Maggie Says:

    Oh my goodness. Michael Moore is allowed an opinion. It is the violent and unchristian attitude of people like you that has gotten us in this situation. Please stop being abusive and showing your ignorance. If you don’t have any facts to refute what Mr. Moore says, I suggest that you go out and get some.
    Thank you Mr. Moore for having the courage to speak out for the truth and the courage to take the abuse of the violent and ignorant.

  25. Roni Genuino Says:

    I saw the movie and it was absolutely compelling and really shocking to know those events that were never shown on any local or international TV. Who is America fooling or rather eho is Bush kidding…. certainly not me… I thought he was who he say he was but after watching 9/11 and reading Stupid White men it made me think….MAN ARE THESE GUYS FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!Bravo Mr. Moore and there should really be a sequel…..

  26. steve Says:

    wow, you guys are pathectic. MICHAEL MOORE CAN ROT IN HELL YOU LIEING SON OF A BITCH> GO TO HELL MOTHERFUCKER. Lies all lies. FAHRENHEIT 9/11 is absolutly all lies. michael moore is a retard. he just has something against the great and wonderful persident bush. so he made a gay movie with a bunch of fake crap. People can edit things and make it look like president bush said something he didnt. shame on you. Fucking idiot

  27. carly danielson Says:

    whoa steve. take a step back. the first thing to ask yourself is “can someone who grew up taking a limo to school and drinking bottled water have a clue about what it is like to be in the” “ranks” ie: blue collar or lower on the pay scale. i think not. i am grateful that i was taught to be a free thinking person and not just follow like a sheep. think it out man, think for yourself once and then ask yourself some real heartfelt questions about the bush administration. if nothing else in all the drivel that has ensued, ask yourself why the big man can’t step up and answer the question about all the weapons of mass destruction. please, honey. think. on your own this time….

  28. bobby Says:

    WOW steve! your sad and pathetic. You really need to wake the fuck up and realize that your fucking monkey is hurting this country. Stop confusing lies with the truth, or more appropriatly. you dont want to hear things that are not good. Why do you stand by this defected retard whether his decisions are right, seldom to never, or WRONG, always!
    You must understand that dissent is one of the greatest American values.
    You say “how could you people be so hatred to mr bush?”, i think- i know the best question is how could we not.

    Until then, learn some tolerance and think for yourself (retard!)

    Mad props to carly and maggie! you rock!

  29. efon Says:

    Steve did Michael Moore edit KATRINA? did he edit the response of the local
    and federal goverments participation in rescuing poor people? were those fake dead bodies on the ground..yea Steve let me ask you somthing do you work for FEMA..maybe you give bush some lessons on how not to studder
    when he reads.

  30. steve Says:

    and Cindy Sheehan. who the hell dose she thinks she is. Yes, were sorry your son died, but people need to die to keep are country free. How the hell do you we became our own nation. Oh if you were president and had tons of shit going on and all the suddon you hear, mr president, The gulf was struck by a cat 5 hurricane. you would kinda have a hard time dealing with so much. Our country is a better place to live because of president bush. OOOH it makes me so mad to hear all your comments.

    @ steve: comment edited, please refrain from cursing, there are many other ways to make your statement.

  31. Ismael Says:

    long life to mike, we need more men like him.

  32. coco Says:

    Thanks for keeping it real Mike. You are a genius!!!! You’ve been really quiet I cant wait to see whats next…..?

    P.S. The associated press sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Joseph Abela Says:

    Dear Mike,

    Farenheit 9/11 was a great movie. It exposed and embarassed the bush administration. You did a great job by telling facts others where afraid to talk about. It made us reflect upon the significance of American Democracy. It made us question whether America is really the Democracy it appears to be. Besides that it exposed the black and poor side of America. That side which is always generous serving the nation donating his life in war. But then again would they ever trust the American government againg ?

    Thanks Mike for making us reflect and ask questions.

    Joe Abela from Malta

  34. POL Says:

    very good film

  35. Mike Says:

    Michael Moore -

    I love Bowling for Columbine. Excellent movie. However, I felt that Farenheit 9/11 was just too much opinion, and not enough fact. Dont get me wrong, were on the same side here. I think Bush should be impeached, and am appauled that our nation re-elected him. This is just MY OPINION on the movie itself.

    The problem with our country, in my honest opinion, is the absence of separation of church and state. “Moral Values” should have absolutely nothing to do with electing a president. He is a political figure, and a “leader”, NOT A PREACHER. Our country is made up of people from all over the world, and we are not all Christian. It is a parent’s job to teach their children moral values, not a President’s job to teach a country.
    Well, at least thats one problem… (tax cuts, war, outsourcing…)

  36. fist pitting nork Says:

    Steve, you are so right, America IS a much better place to live now that Bush is president. The American Dream has always been about multiplying the defecit and skyrocketed unemployment rates. Asshat.

    As much as I hate Dubya holding presidency, you can’t also swallow everything Michael Moore says.

    For example:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the right response to Presidential lies is not more lies from his political opponents. Moreover, regarding the issues presented in Fahrenheit 9/11, the evidence of Bush lies is extremely thin. Moore shows Bush claiming that a particular day at the ranch in Crawford, Texas, was a working vacation, but Bush appears to be dissembling. Later, after Osama bin Laden was driven into hiding but was not captured, Bush unconvincingly claims not to spend much time thinking about bin Laden. Within Fahrenheit 9/11, most of the rest of alleged Bush administration lies actually involve Moore’s fabrications to create the appearance of a lie–such as when Moore chops a Condoleezza Rice quote to make her say something when she actually said the opposite.

    BUT, the one significant Bush administration lie exposed in the film involves the so-called USA PATRIOT Act; as Fahrenheit accurately claims, at least some of the material in the USA PATRIOT Act had nothing to do with 9/11, and instead involved long-sought items on the FBI agenda which had previously been unable to pass Congress, but which were enacted by Congress under Bush administration assurances that they were essential to fighting terrorism.

    You shouldn’t swallow all you’re fed, always remember there’s two sides to every story. I’m not a Bush supporting republican, nor am I a die-hard Michael Moore fan. The truth IS out there, I don’t have the answers, Michael Moore doesn’t have all the answers, nor does Fox News, if you care enough for truth and justice, it’s all up to you.

  37. right... Says:

    replying to a comment about how could bush ever be elected in a country with millions of intelligent people…. well theres also millions whos intellectual level is well… you know im not going to sit here and call Americans stupid, but even though a lot of the stuff in farenheit 911 was not entirely the truth bush is still an idiot and should not of been voted into presidency… so the people who voted for him again i just think that they feel like they can relate to him because your both idiots… any way thats enough from me cause yeah what ever it was still a great movie

  38. right... Says:

    o man i just read that huge ass reply from fist pitting nork…. damn man i just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading that… i can only imagine how much of your life you wasted writing that
    michael moore needs to get a life… stop wasting your life criticizing others. God its so odvious bush is a complete idiot but you dont need to point it out… im sure no matter how stupid you are.. you can still figure out that bush is a moron.


  39. right... Says:

    i have decideded to waste some more of my life with a reply to POL’s respone

    POL Says:

    September 21st, 2005 at 1:36 pm
    very good film

    im just wondering it says **** like to bleep come thing out but i would really like to know what that word is because im sitting here thinking…
    fuck up MR.BUSH AND YOUR WAR ??? but that dont make much sense
    shit up MR.BUSH AND YOUR WAR??? that dont make much sense either..
    any way the point of this was to point out that even thoug bush is a moron i would love to see you do any better if you were president… because you really have no clue. Id say your pretty stupid your self you just agreed to every thing that that movie said… probably never thought twice..

  40. Erica Dyson Says:

    I just wanted to say that 9/11 was a very informative movie, but I just wish that Michael wasn’t the only person doing this kind of work. What he does is so important, he is really doing an excellent job of keeping people truly informed and demonstrating the so many afflictions that politicians and corporations instill on this country. As for those who think Michael “hate American”, I think the opposite is true. He is working to improve America. The attitude of “America love it or leave it” is a contradiction. That attitude make no sense if you love your child and they are doing something wrong wouldn’t you want to alleviate the problem? Wouldn’t you want to make them strive to do better? That is exactly what Michael is trying to do. Those who truly love America will strive to change the problems. We need more people like Michael.
    Thank You,
    Erica Dyson

  41. fist pitting nork Says:


    What are you even on about man?

    ” stop wasting your life criticizing others. ” IMMEDIATELY followed by:

    “God its so odvious bush is a complete idiot but you dont need to point it out… im sure no matter how stupid you are.. you can still figure out that bush is a moron”


    And yes, what do you not understand about me saying “As much as I hate Dubya holding presidency”??

    Obviously you’re the inferior intellect here, because I made my OPINION very obvious. I do not support Bush, nor do I swallow EVERYTHING Michael Moore feeds me.

    Bush is an idiot, but at the same time Michael Moore’s points and opinions aren’t always 100% accurate, though I would follow what Moore said over Bush anyday.

    If you’re going to believe everything Michael Moore says without digging into it deeper on your own, then you are no better off than the moronic christians displaying “Vote Bush” bumper stickers on their Ford Explorers.

    Good day, hypocrit.

  42. theo vervloet Says:

    Mr Moore

    You are an horribly man.
    your commercial succes is based on fear. never read such commercial manipulating website. A normal pornsite is more real than this kind of bullshit.

    not greting.


  43. Timmy Says:

    How is it when a man professes peace, no war, no deaths due to lies, he is cursed, but when ‘christians’ profess death, and advocate the lying of a bastard named bush they quote the bible. I always thought Jesus died for peace, and honesty – weapons of mass hysteria. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s oil, Thou shalt not kill thy neighbor for his oil. Blessed are the ignorant, and Mr. Bush will burn in hell one day. Trust me.

  44. steve Says:

    finnaly some people agree with me. MR moore has maby 5% his movie acurate. The rest is lies. I dont know what to think knowing so many people are brain washed by the fucked up micheal moore. Next time an evil dictator is ruling another country we will just let him go free. So in ten years he nukes the hell out of us. oh who cares about bin laden, we will just let him attack us again. Thats what u people think

  45. RobCat Says:

    What people need to do is stop saying they like the film so much as they should right to their respective congressman and tell them how much of a bad taste this war is leaving in everyone’s mouth. Bring out your note pads and start writing!

  46. Sandra Says:


    I am from Portugal and our movie channel showed the movie from Mr Moore here…. (By the way congractulations Mr Moore… I am surprised Bush never tried to kill you to stop the publishing of the movie)….

    I confess that I was sickened to the stomach. I already suspected but now with all the proof on the tape…. I have no words. Bush (no “Mr” as he does not deserve that respect) should be condemned.

    What he did to Iraque is unforgiving…. who is he to enter a country that is not his and just kill and take over…. my word…. this is surely nearing the end of the world as stated in the Bible….

    What really gets me confused is…. why the hell did Saudi Arabia and the whole Arab world not protect their own kind….. why???

    Now we have Bush guarding the Petrol so he can win a couple more bucks……

    Hey American people….. wake up and smell the coffee….. Terrorist number 1 is living in the white house with a smile on his murdering face… laughing at you and the rest of the world…..

    May God (Allah) bless and guard all the Islamic people.

    I will be passing on to as many people as possible this documentary of Mr Michael Moore…. just so that more and more people know the truth.

  47. Adriana Chancey Says:

    Michael, you are my hero and it is sad we do not see more brave men like you. Farenhait 9/11 was great!.. and to all out there who liked the movie too, please, watch “The Corporation” and pass it on or tell people about the incredible truth most americans ignore.
    Thank you Michael and all the people that work with you to help us realize that we are on our own, we do not have a government to protect us anymore. May we all some day come together to fight back to recover what we have lost through the ones who put our country and assets in the hands of an alcoholic.
    God bless.

  48. JRZ Says:

    Great job Moore for your movies and hopefully you’ll have more plans to make a movie on Katrina!!


  49. steve Says:

    thank god cindy sheeheen was arrested

  50. Diego Cely Says:

    Iam from COLOMBIA one nation under the hands of the USA goverrnmment…….the film is the perfect portaretrait of the true intentions of the bastard BUSH administration…. salutes to MICHAEL MORE FROM COLOMBIA LONG LIVE TO YOU AND YOUR FILMS…………….

    Diego Cely
    Bogota CLOMBIA

  51. roya mirmontazeri Says:

    Micheal Moore is the Rosa Parks of our generation, and stands up for all the right Americans.
    …I think…therefore I’m a Democrat….

  52. Jose rodriguez Says:

    Sr Moore. soy latiinoamericano y al ver su documental me pareció muy impresionante la forma tan clara y tan directa que trata los temas del gobierno Bush. estoy de acuerdo con usted con que el gobierno actual de los EE.UU es de lo peor de los ultimos tiempos. Las grandes masacres cometidas por Bush y su gabinete han sido de las peores de la historia y lo peor es que estan escondidas dizque tras una cortina de Libertad y Paz para todas las naciones del mundo. Abajo la corrupción y el clientelismo y que muera el extremo capitalismo. Gracias y felicitaciones.

  53. Amanda Says:

    I thought the movie was great.

    Steve is a fool. The U.S. has not been a better place to live since Bush has been in office. Bush has us looking like idiots and has the world laughing at us.

  54. Ted Howe Says:

    First, Steve…
    You are a sad reflection of the jingo-ist Americans who shoot first and ask questions later. Your inability to string together your thoughts in a coherent way is a sad reflection on your education system. (I’m a teacher). Yet, Steve, the facts are there and you have not sighted one error. You have simply ranted and hugged your flag. Bush did steal the first election and that is a simple fact.However, unlike the great frauds which befall foreign elections, this was done with a style and flair that can only happen in the U.S. The real treat on this one was the massaging of the voter’s list to get the results they needed.Brother Jeb was to be commended. I give George credit on the second election. He actually won it! So, you are right,Steve. George is YOUR president. It is an irrefutable fact.
    Second…as a citizen of a foreign land, I yearn to see an America led by people who value the lives of all the citizens of the world – not just the rich who covet it. Yours is an “idiot nation” and you, Stevie, are its poster child. George W. Bush will not be lauded as a great president. He will be reviled for generations to come for bankrupting America and his clearly demonstrated contempt for its people. America will be worse off for generations and so will the world. Steve, if you wish to attack Michael Moore for shoddy film-making, do so. However, you need to raise the debate above the empty rants you’ve made. If Moore has made any errors, cite them. So far, you’ve done nothing, but bang a gong…

    To all the others who have raised thoughtful questions, this quiet little third grade teacher says, THANK YOU. Debate is what has made western democracies great. (OK, I know some of my fellow Canadians wouldn’t agree)


  55. donna Says:


  56. MILENLLI Says:

    Thanks for this excelent movie, it chance me life, but not me point of view, I always see the war to Irack as a way for stole the oil and kill many people, I think in my country (Costa Rica ) we have to open the eyes and see that Bush wants to make only bad things, and stole all ouers money with the TlC.
    Thans for this movie and your TV program that I could see in me country The awfal tru !!.

  57. Timothy Says:

    God, if only Al Gore was elected President 5 years ago- and that we didn’t have those hanging chads. Although Gore probably wouldn’t have stop 9/11 singlehandledly, Al Gore might have done something vastly different- and with common sense- from the current Bush 43.

    Now, it’s not only Bush bringing down America to the bad old days(and I don’t need to spell it out), Bush is also bringing down the world with him with his ultra-rubbish policies for the world economy, the environment and world politics.

    No wonder, he deserves all the political flak he gets. Compared to Bush, Bill Clinton looks more and more like an angel!

  58. -=P=- Says:

    Everyone, please…Just do your part. There is no time for talking and pondering whats going on anymore. Get even MORE involved. The next step is ACTION!…otherwise, its just more propoganda entertainment. And know… you are not alone. Thanks Michael for putting yourself out on the line as you do and keeping us posted. Thank you.

  59. Victor Says:

    Ill bet you dont have the guts to post any real reports.

  60. Victor Says:




  62. Kagena Says:

    Michael….good movie! I am glad you showed the country how stupid Bush is. He has lied to his country and should be impeached. I am glad that Cindy has stood up for what she believes is right. I wish more Americans would do that……..

  63. alessandra Says:

    hi michael,
    you’re great we need you also in italy where the politics with berlusconi, george w. best friend, is more troubled then u.s.a.!!!
    he whant to make us poor, unemployed but….
    Next summer we’ll have election…
    i hope silvio can’t win again…….we’re europe’s shame!!!
    i’m near your soldiers family…
    kisses ale

  64. Erik Says:

    The only thing worse than people like Mike MOore and Jesse, and Rangle, etc
    are you idiots who believe them. W hates blacks and wants them dead in NO? W wanted to invade Iraq, lost thousands of Americans, spend billions of dollars and then give the country back to the IRaqis for what? Oil? If its for oil why are the IRaqi’s selling it and keeping the money?
    You guys are on drugs…you all probably don’t have real jobs and are wastes on society. Steve has it right. Go steve

  65. Pablo Says:

    Michael Moore you are a genius…a fan from ARGENTINA(excuseme for gramar)

  66. Magdalena Aguilo Says:

    Not in my name Mr Bush it is only your war ¡to get iraquian oil,and you are provoking more terrorismus.If you really want peace abolish poverty all over the world.Use power to do well not for killing poor people ¡COWARD ¡

  67. mierdinho Says:

    hola viva bush muertea chavez y fidel

  68. Christina Says:

    Mr. Moore… Two of my friends in England told me to see your excellent movie – and although I’m not a movie critic, I believe it to be magnificent. I admire your courage to face this hypocrite who names God in every third sentence — for what? to make people believe that he lives “by the book” and that he, as a Christian, must be trusted??? There is a Spanish poet, Ramón de Campoamor who said in one of his poems (and I am translating): “Why does the world know that you have sinned? They know it because you pray so much.” (“Cómo sabe el mundo que has pecado? Lo sabe porque rezas demasiado…”) This is the case of Bush.
    One thing that I have to ask someone who read this… at the very end of the movie, he says something about a saying in Tennessee, and the comentator says something about the only thing they agree with him. What is that saying? I missed it – can someone tell me? E-mail me: criscoi499@peoplepc.com and I thank you.
    Back to the movie, it really is incredible! It made me angry and also very sad, especially when Mrs. Lipscombe reads the last letter from Michael…
    My youngest son was on board the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Gulf for 10 months at the beginning of the war, and every week without his e-mails was hellish for me… I can only imagine Mrs. Lipscombe’s pain (and the rest of her family’s) when he was killed… and FOR WHAT? The irakis don’t want us in their country. It’s awful to feel this way, but, if they want to blow themselves up every day…let them do it! But bring our men and women home… They don’t want us there; they don’t understand that we are supposed to help them (and WE ARE NOT HELPING THEM!!!) so why continuing with it? But no… Bush wants to prove to Daddy that he’s doing something and is not only arrogant and stupid, but too ignorant to pull out.
    Anyway… my blood pressure is going up by the minute, so I better quit here. In the meantime, will someone tell me about that last phrase in the movie? Many thanks… Christina, (Charlotte, Michigan)

  69. Edgar Villafañe Says:

    Hello Michael. I am Venezuelan. Your documentary is excellent! All person that loves the democracy and the freedom should see it.



    P. D. please excuses my English.

  70. Jack Says:

    Hi …I am cracking up here on everyone comment and moore is smiling to the bank …all this world is about is making $$$ on someone else work …can be good or bad he will suck it up in his pocket and dont care if his own mom get rape ..that moore.. a looser … bush is my president and everyone also president … he make it right for those lost in new york and if i was the president …god i will do the same thing ..and this shit slab moore if his family was kill in 9/11 i dont think i will hear so many comment for him ..becasue he will do just as bush did …. will be different also if 9/11 took place on some one else turf that comment here and talk so much trash of bush …. it moore money making scheme for this bank role guys …. Moore I don’t know who next you will find to make your next bank role ….idiot ….ohhhh I know you will not want to publish this for sure but I know you will read it ……but I will always be for my president …..not a looser like y0u or the others (come here type) that came here for a free ride n make bush a bad guy .. send them back home ….n moore you can go with then too…guess you will be looking for a next victim to go to the bank. …I am timing out …..cya fools

  71. anemix Says:

    heyyy!! es lo mejor que sep uede mostrar!!! q wenote te lo echaste michael! you rooock!!!!! heeeeyyy! dont stoop, ur doing a great job!! really!!!!! como decimos..que webos los tuyos mijo!! congratulations!! you are doing an amazing job over there!!!! =0)

  72. dani Says:

    Michael has a way of delivering the awfull (and ugly) truth with some humor so we dont become further owned and controlled by another hideous corporation. (the phamacueticals and their antidepressants) It is ironic how one major common denominator I am finding in the Bush supporters is their unintelligble rambling. Many comments have been made that I agree with. We must take action; beyond praising Michael.We must further inform ourselves through other sources and help to inform others. The other sources are vast, if we are willing to seek them out, because Lord knows this fascist government (that I believe stole both elections) doesnt want us to be informed and think for ourselves. It is much either to take “SHeople” hostage than free thinkers that arm themselves with the truth. Remember that “truth is the first casualty of war”. I have one question though……What on earth happened to Fox TV? I rememer when “TV Nation” aired on that station. Surely they wouldnt have signed up for Michaels show without having a clue what it was about. Doesnt this mean, they at least started out with some good intentions and were at one time not entirely comprised of greed? Just one more little thing to think about. Well, Thanks for everything: a long time fan, Dani.

  73. dani Says:

    “Either” half way down should have read “easier”. Bad editing on my part

  74. Leigh Clowes Says:

    there was a summer docs on newsworld awhile ago ,and it had a little song decribing how america started..is there any way i could get that song ?? by the way,,you are right mike,bush has to go..keep up the good work..Leigh..

  75. Jan Hurik Says:

    Hi Michael!
    I wanna thank you for your movies, they’re brilliant! I like it:)
    Many regards from Czech republic!

  76. Paul Munda Says:

    how about watching Farhrenhype 911 by Dick Morris first and reading the newly published book Michael Moore is a stupid white man. Fahrenheit 911 had 59 deceits. Things that Bush was blamed for he wasn’t even president at the time. Why dont you dumb liberals watch the other side of the story things Michael Moore wouldnt tell you like why he included people in his documentary without asking for permission?

  77. fist pitting nork Says:

    First off, Paul Munda, Stupid White MEN isn’t newly published, it came out over 3 1/2 years ago.

    Secondly, why are so many people addressing their comments to Michael Moore. This is a board for Fahrenheit 911 comments, if you want to write Michael Moore love letters, join one of his fan clubs.

  78. fist pitting nork Says:

    Ah “Michael Moore is a Stupid White Man”, I read it as “Michael Moore’s Stupid White Man”..

    My apologies Paul. If you’re interested, I listed a couple mistakes up in an earlier post from a couple weeks ago.

  79. Molly Gautier Says:

    I really liked your books Syupid White Men, Downsize this!
    Here is a new name for Bush… pretzel gagger.
    I will read all the rest of your books, and wacth all the movies.( If my parents let me)
    Sincerelly, An Angry Democrat.
    P.S. those people are mean because they said mean things about you.

  80. Molly Gautier Says:

    Some Republican are really stupid heads!!!!!
    Also there followers.

  81. Paul Munda Says:

    you people dont understand one thing we couldnt prevent 911 because there was no mechanism u liberals all u complain about is civil rights of convicted felons. the patriot act gives the police any incentive to search and if they find illegal stuff ur guilty. Now with the patriot act we can di that before the patriot act we couldnt take a potential al qeida member question him or her just to prevent the attack from happening. all u liberals are so quick to criticize tell me what you would do differently. Al qeda declared war on the us on 911. all we did in afghanistan and iraq is round them up and arrest them to prevent future attacks. and all u idiots who dont know this iraq said they had weapons of mass destruction but they destroyed them but they wont tell us where they are and they wouldnt let the UN do their job before the war they had so many chances to let the inspectors do their job. u think 18 months later they couldnt move them into syria or underground and another thing the reason why we went in this alone is because france and other countries were taking bribes of oil from saddam hussein to lift the sanctions off Iraq. And another thing the oil for food was a scam the UN was witht he enemy behind our back ever think of that? And Another thing have Michael moore that fatass get his facts straight about 911 and the war in iraq and tell him to stop misrepresenting people and putting people in his movies without their permission and watch Fahrenhype 911 and see what these people actually mean.

  82. Donald Kerr Says:

    Try to look beyond your own borders. There’s a big wide world out there. Ask yourself why people hate America (not Americans) and you may find the reason why people want to attack you. Your actions in Iraq have made it a vacuum, drawing in every nut-case potential terrorist in the world. I could go on all night; just take a look at yourselves or as Robert Burns said, “O wad some Power the gift tae gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!” If you can be bothered, Google it and learn.

  83. Paul Munda Says:

    tell me what would you do differently. I would like to know. Bush has bad grammar whats your point he still has a law degree and he had a higher average than john kerry. When al-qeda declares war on the U.S. on 911 wouldnt it make sense to find al-qeda in hostile countries and hunt them down? They declared war on us the alqeda and to bring them down you must go into the countries that harbor them. Diplomacy dont work when you are dealing with terrorists you must show them fire power or theyre gonna think youre a joke. Saddam Hussein is a terrorist. War on Terror, hello. And for your informationn, we did find al-qeda in Iraq and a big commander is working from Iraq Al-Zahari or whatever his name is

  84. Paul Munda Says:

    liberals are so quick to criticize but never offer an alternative I never heard one liberal idea about the Katrina situation and the war in Iraq what would you liberals have done differently.

  85. Tim Says:

    This is a movie and you should treat it as that. It is Hollywood and it was entertaining, it envoked some thoughts but if this is what you are basing your political knowledge and facts on you need to stop. You have a brain use it and start doing your own research into what is happening with our country. Do not rely on a movie to formulate your opinions of a President or of anyone for that fact. Open your mind and do what God gave you the ability to do and that is think for yourself. I enjoyed the movie but did I buy into it 100% absolutely not. To do that would be to say I believed that Forrest Gump was a real person. This is Hollywood it is entertaining and that is the most I will say about it. We need to worry about our country and what is going on in it today but a movie is going to do nothing about that. If you think it will you are sadly mistaken. I do respect Michael Moore and the help he is trying to provide to the people of the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He is to be commended for that. And his movie F911 well it was entertaining. I did like Bowling for Colombine very well.

  86. Valeria Avila Says:

    I´m from Colombia, a country with a president that loves Bush and that do whatever he wants…Although i´m just 13 years old, I like to read and watch Michael Moore´s productions. I haven´t see “Bowling For Colombine”, But the people tell tath it is fantastic, I have seen “farenheit 911″ and I really like it, I love the way that Michael makes you feel and make you think about what is happening in this crazy world.
    In this moment i am reading a book (I don´t know the name in english) “Que han hecho con mi país, tío?” and it is fantastic, I really like Michael Moore and I wish some day I can meet him…
    Well, I guess that´s all taht I want to say…Sorry if some words aren´t writen proporlly but i´m from Colombia and I´m just 13=P

  87. Josh Says:

    Liberals need to keep their mouth’s shut. Then people might think they are actually intelligent. (which we all know their not!)

  88. Karina M. Says:

    Dear Mr. Moore,
    I’m from Guatemala, in Central America, I saw your movie about 9/11. I feel so sad for what happened to your country and to Irak..is not fair, all those lies and betrayals, it’s unbeliveble. I think that all the deaths cause by Bush are a curse for him and his family. I know you don’t hate America, America should be proud of you, because you are telling the truth. “La verdad nos hara libres”

  89. ANGELA Says:

    dear Michael MOore:

  90. j.d.morrison Says:

    I am proud of american soldiers…they are the greatest soldiers in the world. But if they got brainwashed to kill innocents people…….the got bainwashed to go to the wrong war…….they got brainwashed like a robot soldier not human soldier……I hate them…..I hate america…..because they just look like SS Hitler’s soldiers no different……….basically the point is I hate war….If they put the soldiers into the wrong war…..there’s no one single thing that the soldiers can be proud of……..The soldiers just sacrifice their soul…their family….their life…..their country…..but nothin’ can be proud of……poor them…….so I agree n deligth that mr. moore made that movie…I hope that he’ll make another movies soon….to make the american reailze that they got brainwashed all the time……..Bush is no different than Hitler………thanx

  91. TJ Says:

    I think Josh and the people who blow candy around Bush need to keep their mouths’ shut, personally.